Custom Applications

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet any customer specification.  These are just a few examples of custom applications we have developed in conjunction with our users.  If you have an application that requires a high degree of physical strength, resistance to water or corrosive chemicals, or just long life without the use of chemical preservatives, then azobe is the product for you.

Theme park rides:

Many water attractions in theme parks  use azobe for underwater parts, and these parts must be manufactured to very exacting specifications with extremely tight tolerances.  We have worked with theme parks to produce these azobe supports, including all of their custom bevels and holes.


If you are looking for a totally unique look for an architectural decking surface, Azobe can be milled into standard 5/4″ decking which has a beautiful, red hue which fades over time to a stately gray.  The color can be preserved using a variety of stains and finishes, but the decking itself will last for a lifetime.

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