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Azobe Application | Furniture

We are continually amazed at the array of things people make with azobe.  Thors-Design in Denmark have discovered another novel azobe application in their simple and elegant furniture.  50 year old azobe reclaimed from Danish docks are the centerpieces of these unique installations. These pieces definitely evoke a certain Scandinavian minimalism, which combines well with the […]

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Azobe Bridge in Belgium

Dubbed the wrackhout, Dutch for “wreck wood,” this azobe bridge in Belgium was very deliberately designed to look like a collection of driftwood, tacked together to form a pedestrian bridge.  The bridge was designed by architects in Rotterdam, 3D modeled and the pieces custom-cut on sophisticated CNC machines.  The effect of the The video below shows the design philosophy […]

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Norway Deal to Protect Liberian Forests

Norway has inked a deal to help protect Liberian forests from the tide of illegal and irresponsible cutting that takes place in that country.  Liberia has suffered through a dire economic situation since the end of its 14 year civil war in 2003.  With most of the country living on less than $1.25 per day, […]

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