Azobe Bridge in Belgium

azobe bridge

Image property of Timber Trade Journal

Dubbed the wrackhout, Dutch for “wreck wood,” this azobe bridge in Belgium was very deliberately designed to look like a collection of driftwood, tacked together to form a pedestrian bridge.  The bridge was designed by architects in Rotterdam, 3D modeled and the pieces custom-cut on sophisticated CNC machines.  The effect of the The video below shows the design philosophy and construction of this amazing piece.

According to TTJ Online:

“It’s a visually stunning project and a great advert for hardwood,” said Wijma managing director Ad Wesselink. “And the timber not only looks good, it has been selected because of its environment, exposed to the wind and sand and salt air.”

This is just the kind of application azobe is particularly suited for:

  • Structural strength in multiple dimensions
  • Environments close to the ocean
  • Long term applications

All of the timber for this project is FSC-certified, showcasing how tropical hardwoods can be harvested sustainably so future generations can enjoy their benefits.

What’s your azobe application?  Contact us and let’s make it together!

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