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azobe dining table

Lovely, minimalist, azobe dining table

We are continually amazed at the array of things people make with azobe.  Thors-Design in Denmark have discovered another novel azobe application in their simple and elegant furniture.  50 year old azobe reclaimed from Danish docks are the centerpieces of these unique installations.

These pieces definitely evoke a certain Scandinavian minimalism, which combines well with the rawness of the reclaimed pieces themselves.  The giant holes bored into them that were used to fasten together the pieces in their former industrial lives serve as living reminders of where they come from.

azobe chair

I have sat on azobe and trust me when I say: you don’t want to.

I’ll say some pieces clearly have greater utility than others.  An azobe table would last you nearly forever, an azobe legs on an outdoor island are going to survive the elements as well as the metal table-top.  But, I don’t think an azobe chair would feel terribly good for a long period of time.

Azobe can be a temperamental wood to work.  It takes a long time to completely dry out, it’s so dense that it chews through bits and blades, but it’s ultimately those qualities which also make it so valuable.  Not to mention heavy: if those chairs are solid, that’s hundreds of pounds to move around.  And yet, people continue to use this material in new and different ways.

I love seeing any novel azobe application.  Contact us to tell us about your unique azobe application.

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